OCI N.V. (OCI) headquartered in The Netherlands, is a leading international producer of natural gas-based fertilizers and industrial chemicals, including nitrogen fertilizers, methanol and other products used by agricultural and industrial customers with production facilities in The Netherlands, The United States, Egypt and Algeria an 3,0000 employees. In 2017 OCI’s revenues stand at $2.2 billion, with adjusted EBITDA of $736 million and net debt of $4.3 billion. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam, with 54% of the shares owned by the Sawiris family. OCI is comprised of five fully owned and other part-owned subsidiaries, split into two divisions of Fertilizer and Industrial Chemicals. In the Fertilizer division, OCI Nitrogen is Europe’s second largest integrated nitrates fertilizer producer and the world’s largest melamine producer, manufacturing over 2 million metric tons of sellable fertilizer products per annum. Egyptian Fertilizers Company (EFC) is the largest private sector granular urea producer in Egypt, able to produce some 1.55 million metric tons per year. In Algeria, Sorfert Algérie, is a 51% OCI-owned joint venture with Sonatrach, is the largest local integrated nitrogen fertilizer producer.

In the Industrial Chemicals Division, BioMCN, located at the Chemical Park Delfzijl, The Netherlands and fully acquired in 2015, is one of Europe’s largest methanol producers owning two methanol plants. Furthermore, Natgasoline LLC, a greenfield world-scale methanol production complex, is ramping up for production in Beaumont, Texas, and is anticipated to be one of the world’s most significant methanol production facilities. In 2018 the company showed a significant growth in revenues and profitability following the new facilities becoming operational. The organization is expected to continue this strong growth in 2019 and is continuously looking for new growth opportunities. Actual results of the third quarter 2018 can be found at: http://www.oci.nl/investor-relations/news/2018/11/16/oci-q3-2018-results/

OCI has a one-tier Board of Directors, made up of seven Non-Executive Directors and two Executive Directors, who have collective responsibility for the management, general affairs and strategy of the company. Whilst the Board of Directors create the strategic mandate, the Executive Directors specifically support the realization of these goals through regular reporting from each subsidiary’s management team. At the same time, the operating entities independently manage their day-to-day operations under the guidance of executive management.